Accelarating your Cash Flow

E-Invoicing for Accounts Receivable

Direct Insite's Invoices On-Line e-invoicing platform takes the hassles out of invoice preparation and presentment for accounts receivable and order-to-cash.

IOL's electronic invoice processing service automates bill preparation functions such as flipping a sales order or purchase order (PO) into a preliminary bill, making adjustments and edits to invoice line items, consolidating invoices from multiple sources, and reviewing and distributing invoices.

AR Automation - E-Invoicing for Accounts Receivables

Key AR Automation Features:

  • Users may initiate invoice disputes/inquiries at the invoice or line-item level
  • Dispute information — including dispute reason code, dispute date/time, descriptive text, dispute amount, disputed invoice number, account number — are digitally archived
  • Real-time visibility to disputed credits/collections
  • Displays dispute history
  • Users can search/filter disputes by multiple search criteria
  • Users can drill down into dispute details
  • Disputes can be extracted to a third-party dispute management system
  • Allows for payment of non-disputed invoice amount
  • Configurable dispute management rules
  • Configurable payer invoice review and approval workflow
  • Configurable workflow business rules
  • Configurable workflow notifications and escalation business rules
  • Invoice preparation review/release workflow

AR Automation Benefits:

  • Accelerate dispute resolution
  • Reduce dispute processing costs
  • Reduce Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)
  • Business Reporting and Metrics

AR Solutions